Some Snowboarding Advice Before You Hit The Mountain

Prior to hitting the slopes this winter season familiarise yourself with a few basic snowboarding techniques so you don’t embarrass yourself in front of your friends.Let’s be honest, you will still fall a lot – but at least you will be somewhat more confident than you would have been as a total newbie.Here are some snowboarding techniques to whet your appetite.

1. The best way to start is to learn the terms used by snowboarders.This may seem unnecessary, but snowboarding is a highly evolved sport with its own unique culture and language.Becoming familiar with the lingo will make it easy for you to understand your instructor.While you may be overwhelmed at first, be sure to give yourself enough time and you will eventually pick up the basics of snowboarding argot.

2. You need the right clothing and equipment.Snowboard clothing should be loose enough to grant free movement but not so loose that it drags.Snowboarding can be a potentially dangerous sport, so safety gear for your head, hands, wrists, face and eyes are necessary.If you expect to do a lot of jumps then you might even want to consider special protective pants for your tailbone. Regardless of your individual needs, the good folks at Quest can set you up. Queenstown Snowboard Rental specialists, Quest has all the items listed above and more. As an added bonus they will also throw in a free helmet with every board hired out.

3. The most important snowboarding tip is to know how to pick the right board.Newbies should opt for a short board.A quick way to approximate if the board is of the right length is to see if it has one end reaching your chin with the other end resting on the ground.Your boots should fit well in the binding without the toe or heel going off the sides.The heels or toes of your boots hanging off the side of the board will restrain movement.

4. After you’ve figured out what kind of board you want you’ll want to investigate the bindings.There are two choices when it comes to snowboard bindings: strap on or step on. There are no rules when it comes to snowboard bindings – you should rent a couple of boards and try it out for yourself before buying anything.Strap on bindings are5 more flexible but more difficult to get in and out of, while step-ons are easier to get into but less flexible. Make sure your bindings are sufficiently tightened before going on any downhill runs. You don’t want the binding to be cutting off your circulation to your foot, but tight enough where there is no movement of your boot in your binding.

Make Quest your ultimate choice for Snowboard Rental in Queentsown. Quest has been outfitting snowboarders in the Adventure Capital of the World for over 8 years and is still going strong.

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